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Visa Invitations for Visitors to Russia

Visa Invitations

For citizens of most countries, each visitor needs to have a visa in their passport for entry into Russia. For each type of visit, tourism, business, humanitarian or Private, an invitation is required. The invitation is accually 2 documents in one and is created by your host in Russia. Registered Hotels and Tour operators are authorized to issue invitations called "Visa Support" for visitor they host. Most hotels charge a fee for processing the Visa Support documents but we provide them free for those who book any tours with Tickets and Tours.
For those who are not using our services, we can still supply the required document, for alow fee of $18.  The advantage of ordering Visa Support from Tickets and Tours, is the greater flexibility in travel plans. Hotels only provide Visa Support for the days you have booked in their hotel. Ours allow the full 30 days of travel within Russia instead of you being limited to the number of days booked in a hotel. Apply for Visa Support by filling out the easy on-line form. 

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